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Gardening · 05. October 2018
Watering is essential for growing healthy grass. Although grass does not need to be watered every single day to stay healthy, it needs at least 1" to 1.5" of water per week throughout the year. If it is watered lightly, then its roots will not be deep enough to stay strong. The question here is, how long should you water grass? It doesn't matter if the grass is on a flat or sloped surface (in fact, for landscaping a steep slope, you should head over to Carve Your Creation). Here are a few...
Landscaping · 29. July 2018
Best Sand For Landscaping 1
Landscaping is a valuable activity — it improves the appearance of a space, making it look elegant and attractive to people visiting the area. Landscaping improves the value of a property, making once-ordinary places look magnificent and comfortable to be in. Sand Consideration Factors When doing landscaping with beach sand, it is important to understand the various factors that could affect which type(s) of sand are suitable for your space, the size of the project you're undertaking, and the...
Landscaping · 13. July 2018
Pool Landscaping Design Ideas 1
There is no doubt that opting for a pool landscape design will give your backyard a face lift. However, the problem for most homeowners like yourself has always been picking the right pool design.