5 Amazing Pool Landscaping Design Ideas

There is no doubt that opting for a pool landscape design will give your backyard a face lift. However, the problem for most homeowners like yourself has always been picking the right pool design.

Pool Landscaping Design Ideas 1

But before we look at some pool landscaping design ideas, let's check out some factors you need to consider first:

  • Your overall budget
  • Your backyard size
  • Safety requirements
  • Your time frame to complete the project

If you can answer all the questions above, selecting a style for your pool becomes a fairly simple task.


With that said, take your focus away from front yard landscaping for a moment and have a look at these awesome pool landscaping design ideas you can possibly work with:


1. Cottage Landscaping Pool


This design combines luxury and fine art to give your backyard a fascinating look.


It features a modern shaped pool with a dark stone, large water appearance that will instantly turn your backyard into the talk of the neighborhood.


2. Hawaiian Luxury


You can make your pool feel like an integral part of your home — an extension to your backyard that will bring a unique feeling of luxury and comfort.


You can achieve this by extending the stone used in your walkway to your pool deck. Add an outdoor fireplace to keep the cozy feeling alive.


3. Tropical Green


Sometimes when you have an already-perfect pool, all you need is a tropical touch.


Consult your landscaper for ideas of easy-to-maintain trees that can fit right there in your backyard.


You could also fit a large patio that will bring extra comfort and cover.


4. Natural Landscape



If you happen to have a backyard that is blessed with natural beauty, ensure that you situate your pool right there. You can add natural elements like rocks, plant life, stone and wood to make it fit perfectly with the environment.


Line the bottom of the pool with finely selected pebbles and sea rocks to get a rare natural marine experience.


5. A Perfect Blend


Inspect your home. Is it made of bricks, stones, arches or peaks? Is it classy, modern or somewhere in between?


Find the right balance and build your pool and patio to fit the construction of your home. This way your pool becomes a natural part of your backyard.

There are many ideas you could take inspiration from for your pool, but these are some of the best. Now go and make it happen!

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